Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum

Welcome to the Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum

       The Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum is about ideas and initiatives that demonstrate Vancouver is a community of diverse cultures, a city of ideas, and a centre for the arts.

      The Forum gives us the ability to communicate, make connections, be kept informed, and participate in ideas, initiatives and events that serve the interests of our community.

      Through the Forum we can learn about things not normally reported in the media, engage in conversations, contribute ideas and opinions, and express our interests in becoming involved.

      The Forum is open to people who represent the interests of arts organizations, cultural and community interest groups, government agencies, businesses, and everyone interested in being involved and participating in our community.

      You are invited to tell your story and contribute to creating the stories that demonstrate who we are and who we like to be as a community.

The Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum tells the stories we are creating.

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