The Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum

Forum, n.
1. A meeting place for open discussion.
2. A medium for the expression and discussion of ideas.
3. A public meeting involving audience discussion.
4. A marketplace for ideas and conversation to create connections, relationships and enterprise.

The Story

      The Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum gives us the ability to communicate, make connections, be kept informed, and participate in ideas and initiatives that contribute to demonstrating Vancouver is a community of diverse cultures, a city of ideas, and a centre for the arts.

      The Forum provides the opportunity to learn about things not normally reported in the media, engage in conversations, contribute ideas and opinions, and express our interests in becoming actively involved.


      Our interest is to inform and engage our community around new ideas and initiatives, and connect opportunities with people who are interested and could benefit from becoming participants or partners.

      Presenters with new ideas and initiatives can tell their story, invite ideas and suggestions, and communicate opportunities to become involved.

      Audiences can learn about new initiatives, contribute their ideas and opinions, and be kept informed.

      Participants and partners can tell their own story to the community served by the Forum.

      Any enterprise that contributes to Vancouver as a centre for the arts, a community of diverse cultures, and a city of ideas can tell their story.

      Everyone involved and interested can have a conversation on-line with other participants, share ideas, and increasing interest and participation.

      The Forum gives presenters the ability to extend their reach, engage more people in their enterprise, and profile the contributions of their partners.

Why a Forum

      The Forum gives our community the ability to explore, contribute to and create connections, relationships and enterprises that work in our common interests.

      Engaging in conversation around our common interests creates community. Engaging in conversation around ideas that contribute to our common interests creates enterprise. Engaging in conversation around enterprises that contribute to our common interests creates our community for the future.

Who is the Forum

      The Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum belongs to the community it serves. Quantumideas serves as the custodian of the interests of those served by and engaged in the Forum. Our role is to assist presenters in telling their stories, keeping people informed, and creating connections.

      Our interest is to make the content of the Forum, the connections and relationships created, and the stories we create of sufficient value to participants and partners to make the Forum an economically independent and sustainable enterprise.

The Story So Far

      The idea for the Vancouver Arts Forum started with the Arts and Cultures Committee of the Downtown Vancouver Association. The Committee invites presenters to talk about initiatives that contribute positively to our community. This gives the Downtown Vancouver Association an opportunity to contribute their ideas and opinions and determine how the Downtown Vancouver Association can support and contribute to the initiative.

      The Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum was created to give presenters the opportunity to communicate to larger audiences and give audiences the ability to contribute their ideas and opinions and express their interest in participating. The website was created by Quantumideas and Clockwork Graphics.


What’s Next

      More stories will be added to the Forum over the next few months.


      We are offering presenters the opportunity to tell their stories and to use the Forum to engage audiences in their ideas. We are learning how to make the Forum work in the interests of presenters, participants, partners, and our community.


       Your ideas and opinions are appreciated. You can contribute through the forum or by email.

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